Department of Languages and Cultures of India & South Asia


International Seminar on Indian Literature and Art

Annual Rotating International Seminars are organized in co-operation by the  Universities of Cagliari, Cracow, Milan, Prague and Warsaw.


The subject of the 2016 Cracow Seminar originates from the idea proposed by Prof. Rajendran (Calicut University). Initially, the seminar was intended to concern the topics of commercial trade, bazaars, the migration of peoples, ideas and objects and transforming influences of such encounters as reflected in Indian literature and art. The reformulation of the topic allows reflection on the crossing of borders – not only natural, political or cultural boundaries but also those between the spiritual and the material, between the worlds of ideas and human existence. The categories of limit and liminality form one of the paradigms of human thought. Furthermore, the very setting of boundaries elicits the question of what it means to cross them and provokes thought on their aims.


Indologists from over a dozen universities in Europe, India and the USA will present the results of their own research centred on these issues.


Prof. dr hab. Wojciech Nowak

Rector of of the Jagiellonian University


Mr. Ajay Bisaria

Ambassador of India to Poland